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To be a parte of RinconSocial community it's necesary to signup first. How? Follow this steps:

1. Visit signup page from HERE.
2. Complete the little form with your: name, last name and a VALID email!
3. Well now, open your email account (step 2) and find the message that RinconSocial has just sent you. Please check your Bulk folder if it is not in Inbox.
4. Open it, and you'll see a confirmation link inside. Clic it in order to continue the registration process. Remember: You can't login to RinconSocial as a member yet.

IMPORTANT: DON'T reply or forward this message, because it takes no effects..

5. This link will send you to a new window where you can add your user details.
» Username, used to login.
» Password. Please, use an easy-remember pass for you and not-easy-guess for others. Repeat it below.
» Email address. The same where you receive our message.
» Captcha code. Copy what you see in the image.
» Referal. Here you put the RinconSocial user who tells you about RinconSocial.
» Upload your photo. You can skip this step, to do it afterwards.
6. Press the "REGISTER" button.
7. IT'S DONE! you become part of us.

Easy? ok. Thats all.

Revenue Share Program

Q: What is the Revenue Share Program?
A: We share 50% of all revenue made by our site. If you presently have a Google Adsense account, you can participate in our program. You simply have to submit your publisher's ID at 'My Profile - Edit'. If you do not presently have a Google Adsense account, you can easily apply for one. See 'Apply adsense account?'.

Advertisements will be rotated between 'yours' and 'ours'. We have a two tier system.

Tier 1 50:50 ratio - your ads rotation is 50%, eg. for every 10 ads displayed, 5 will be yours. 'Your' ads will appear only when your posted videos or photos are viewed.

Tier 2 You'll find this really interesting. When you refer a friend to Sign-Up and become a member, you will receive 10% of the ads generated by his videos. So, it pays to invite and share.

Google Adsense pays only when a visitor clicks on the displayed ad. So, the more videos and photos you have posted on Rincon Social , the more chances your postings will be viewed, and 'your' ads displayed and clicked by visitors. Our internal management system rewards you with one credit point with each viewing of your posted videos or photos. The number of times 'your' ads are displayed is dependent on the number of credit points you have.

Please bear in mind that it is illegal to click on your own ads or encourage others to click on them. Google has a very robust detecting system to identify 'invalid clicks'. You may loose your Google Adsense account if you have been identified.

Q: How can I participate?
A: 1. Just Sign Up for your FREE Rincon Social account.

2. You will need a Google Adsense account to participate in the Revenue Share Program

You can register with Google Adsense below:

(if you don't have your own website url, you can go to or to register a free blog account and get your own website URL)

If you already have an Adsense account, please remember to save it in your profile. Steps:

  1. Go to Rincon Social
  2. Log in
  3. Click 'My Profile'
  4. Click 'Edit' (under your member photo)
  5. Type your Adsense account in 'Google Adsense ID'
  6. Click 'save'!

Please note: Google has added IP tracking to deter click fraud. Any account that violates the Google Adsense TOS will be terminated.

3. Start sharing your videos from Youtube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and other video sharing sites. Our revenue share program is split 50-50. You will make 50% of the Google Adsense revenue generated by the videos you submit. The more traffic your video drives, the more ads will be displayed, and the more money you will make.

4. You can also accumulate credits for promoting the site to your friends, sharing videos, and posting comments! When a new member registers from your referral - you earn credits. for your FREE Rincon Social account NOW!

Video Zone

Q: Are there any limitations on video subject?
A: No.  But the subject should not contain any improper words.

Q: Can I post comments?
A: Yes, you can leave a reply using the reply form below each video. You must be a registered user though.

Q: Can I edit my video subject after post?
A: No, at this moment, members can only post videos & delete own videos.

Q: How do I post videos?
A: Technically, you do not upload your videos, but paste the 'embeded codes' from the other videos community websites to Rincon Social. Thus, the videos could be your own or any video you find interesting. More on how to Post Video.

Q: So, if I have my own videos, where do I upload them?
A: You can upload your videos at YouTube, Google Video or Yahoo Video.

Here are some tips on how to earn more money from this great program!

1. Promote a lot. There's a lot of places where you can promote. Name them: Friendster, Forums, Myspace, IRC, YM, MSN, AOL, Googletalk, Emails, almost limitless! But remember, SPAMMING is a BIG NO-NO!

2. Upload videos which will be most likely to be referred by other people to their contacts. For instance, you can post a heart-warming video about Christmas then email them to your friends for them to watch. If they liked it, they will forward that email to their other contacts most probably.

3. If you are uploading a lot of videos every time you log on to Rincon Social, be sure upload related videos per session. If you log on and start uploading "car races" for example, the other videos that you'll upload next should also be related to "car races". This is to maximize the viewership of your videos. A person who likes to watch funny videos will surely find other funny videos after another.


Photo Zone :

Q: How do I post photos?  
A: Technically, you do not upload your photos, but paste the 'url link' from the other photos community websites to Rincon Social. More on how to post can be found at Post Photo.

Q: Where can I upload my photos?
A: You can upload them at Yahoo! Photos, Blogger, Xanga Photos; or search ‘free, upload photos’ in internet.

Q: How many photos I can post?
A: In each ‘Topic’ in Photo Zone, member can post a maximum of 9 photos.

Q: Why I can’t see the photos clearly?
A: You can click on that photo to enlarge the photo size.

Q: Can I use photos to reply that Topic?
A: No.  If you’d like to post photos, you have to post in ‘New Topic’.

Q: Is there any limitation in photo reply?
A: No.  Your reply should contain at least 10 Chinese words or 20 English words.


Website Zone

Q: How do I post a website ?
A: This is a simple task. Go to 'Post' then 'WebSite'.  

Q: Are there any limitations in Website Zone?
A: Not really, you can recommend some web-pages that are interesting & attractive; and, never post improper subject or content. 

Q: If I found there is something improper post, what should I do?
A: Click ‘Spam Report’ and tell our site admin; we will check it & take necessary actions.

Credit Systems :

You earn credits when:

- somebody view video you posted
- somebody view video posted by your referral
- somebody view your profile
- somebody view your profile your referral's profile
- you post reply/comment to video (good for being invited as friend too)
- your referral post reply/comment to video
- you post comments in other member profile (good for making friends too)
- your referral comments in other member profile

To comply with Adsense Terms you do NOT earn credits for

- for viewing ads. Feel free to watch our funny video for your pleasure.
- for clicking on ads. Feel free to click on ads if you are interested in what is advertised but you will not get credit for that.

Q: What does ‘contribute content’ means?
A: That means, if you have post videos or photos; or you have given reply to videos or photos’ posts, you will get credits.

Q: If people click to my profile, will I get credits?
A: Yes, you will.   However, if you click to your own profile, you will not get any credits.

Q: When my posts or profile gets 10 views, how many ads can I get?
A: Your Google ads will be shown 5 times.  That means when visitors go to your post page; like photo page, video page, reply page & profile page, half Google ads they see are all under your Adsense account.

Q: If I contribute more contents at Rincon Social website, will I have better chance to make money?
A: Yes. If you contribute more contents, you may have more people watch your content and profile, then you can get more chances to show your ads; so there is better chance you make more money.

Q: What will Rincon Social do with spammers?
A: Rincon Social has installed a system to track spamming activities.  If anyone does spamming activities, Rincon Social will take appropriate legal actions on it anytime!

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